Content Strategy and Management

Content that inspires and motivates

Content is the cornerstone of any successful event. The sessions and demos you offer make a significant impact on the value your attendees’ gain from attending. With 10+ years of event content management experience, i4D works with our clients to develop a content strategy, identify session and demo types and structure it all for easy navigation, pre-event and on site.

Our content management system supports call for papers and demos, delivers a content catalog and agenda builder as well as speaker and sponsor management tools. Our proven methodology is an end to end model that encompasses everything from session and demo collection, company reviews, technical production, speaker and staffer management, surveys and session attendance and lead capture and reporting.

Your exhibition is often the highlight of your event. We can help you design, produce and manage your showcase ensuring everything needed is on-site and set-up prior to show opening.

View our list of Content Strategy and Management capabilities below and contact us so we can discuss how i4D can help you optimize the content program for your events.

  • Content strategy, planning & management
  • Content architecture
  • Messaging
  • Session management
  • Call for papers and demos
  • Content and speaker management tools
  • Content management
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Session production
  • Session surveys
  • Survey reporting
  • Session attendee scanning
  • Showcase management
  • Speaker management
  • Stage management