Event Management and Logistics

Engine that drives success

We are end-to-end. We are there at the beginning of the concept, walking alongside you through the planning, building and delivering the event. We are there in the building, creating and executing plans for every aspect of the experience. And we are there during, and after, the event ensuring that both you and your attendees have the experience intended from the start to finish and even post-event.

At i4D, we can plan, manage, and execute on any scale and budget all over the world. Your success is our top priority. Our eye for detail and decades of experience in producing events of all sizes around the globe, is what makes us the agency of record for many of our clients.

  • Account management
  • Conference management – sales kickoff’s, marketing events, developer events, city-wide events
  • Meeting program management
  • Special and auxiliary event management
  • Off-site program management
  • Breakout management
  • Roadshow management
  • Press conference delivery
  • Executive event planning
  • Tradeshow planning
  • 3rd party event management
  • Product launches
  • Receptions & celebrations
  • Build and manage project schedules/plans
  • Monitor key metrics
  • Qualify the gaps between operational and organizational vision
  • Event budget management
  • Pre- and post-event survey execution
  • Post-event reporting
  • Venue space management
  • Onsite staff management
  • Food & beverage
  • Room layouts
  • Registration management
  • Safety and security planning
  • Attendee giveaways
  • Transport
  • Traffic flow management
  • Executive handling
  • Decor & furniture