Venue and Housing Sourcing, Contracting and Management

The key to venue and housing management is in the details

Our clients call on i4D to source, contract and manage housing for attendees, employees and vendors for their most important events worldwide. The key to Housing Management is in the details. We begin by understanding the program attendance and demographics, analyzing historical data, forecasting year over year growth and constructing a future year’s event plan. By doing so we are able to successfully source venues, negotiate contracts and facilitate housing in a manner that values client liability, while also creating a streamlined attendee experience.

We source every event to fit its needs and client expectations, while placing an emphasis on the overall event plan and attendee experience. Our experienced contracting team will negotiate venue and hotel contracts on your behalf; maximizing your concessions and benefits. We work in tandem with hospitality professionals and venue management teams to ensure our clients are receiving the most favorable terms through the facilitation of their events. From building your hotel portal to providing hotel and housing assistance pre-event, post-event and onsite, our housing team is dedicated to ensuring your attendees receive a seamless experience.

  • Venue sourcing and management
  • Venue to venue comparison
  • Hotel sourcing and management
  • Hotel to hotel comparison
  • Contract negotiation
  • Concession assignment and optimization
  • Budget planning
  • Previous years housing analysis
  • Future years housing planning
  • Housing management and strategy
  • Housing breakdown and planning
  • Hotel portal building and testing
  • Housing communications planning
  • Dedicated housing concierge
  • On-site hotel assistance
  • Executive housing and care
  • Performance reporting and analysis
  • Post event billing and reconciliation